Starting this month (June 2018), I’ll be offering private, body-centered coaching sessions out of my home in the North End of Boston.

Body-centered sessions will include the integration of gentle movement and breath work into a traditional coaching/talk therapy approach.

Why the integration?

Couple reasons:

  1. Talk therapy and coaching are wonderful vehicles to healing BUT often miss out on the direct and very critical communication coming from our bodies. For instance, the way your stomach starts to get queasy every time you’re at a certain kind of social event or the way your chronic headaches get even more intense when you’re around your awful boss. Our bodies have a wisdom that’s so often overlooked. We live in a culture where over intellectualizing (i.e. talking, analyzing, “processing,” and problem solving) can be consciously or unconsciously used as a way to AVOID how we’re actually feeling about the issue at hand. I’d like to help you reclaim an intimate relationship with your body so you can begin to understand and trust the messages it sends you, and thus get to a deeper level of truth about yourself and your life.
  2. Addressing physical tension and discomfort via gentle movement and breath work is an extremely effective way to elicit what’s often called the body’s “relaxation response.” When activated, this response brings balance and a sense of ease to the body AND mind. We often try to TALK ourselves out of uncomfortable feelings (anxiety, for instance) when what we really need to do is give our body the experience of feeling CALM.

I’ve got a whole lot more to say on this topic, but just wanted to offer a brief intro.

Sessions will be 1.5 hours and are $150 per session (slight discount applies if you purchase three or more at once).

These sessions could be particularly beneficial for you if you:

>feel stuck and want to make a change
>> have trouble identifying what you’re feeling
>> feel “off” but don’t know why
>> feel disconnected from your body and/or dislike your body
>> have chronic physical pain of any kind (i.e. back/neck pain, headaches, digestive issues)

Email me to set up your session: