A friend of mine recently shared a new personal mantra: “I’m no longer available to learn my life lessons through struggle.”
Of course, the work of healing and struggle in life is inevitable, but I also love my friend’s perspective. What if eating well and living well doesn’t have to feel SO hard? What if you can be healthy and conscious and simultaneously feel joy and passion and pleasure?

In that spirit, let’s bring in the chocolate! Since 2012 (10 years!) raw chocolate has been one of the ways I savor my life (and spread joy to people I love). Made with all organic ingredients, these truffles are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar (I use raw honey to sweeten).  This winter I’ll be shipping chocolates for only two weeks in December and two weeks in January. To stay in the loop follow me on Instagram @jojosrawkitchen and/or to order your box of 10 truffles, click here.