I was taught to tell you it would be simple.

I was taught that you’d hire me if I offered “easy button” solutions to your problems.

But the truth is none of it’s EASY.

Not the meal prep.
Not meditation.
Not the elusive and ever trendy morning routine.

It’s not EASY to say “no” to
and tequila.

Or to admit to wanting more than
Empty sex
A superficial social life
And a soul-sucking 9-5.

None of these choices are easy. They haven’t been for me and they won’t be for you. In fact, choices like these lead to anything from socially awkward moments (“when did you stop being ‘fun’?”) to complete disorientation (“who am I if I’m not ______” i.e. the life of the party, the corporate superstar, the girl every guy wants).

I wanna invite you to work with me this year, but NOT because I can make your life easier. Honestly, these decisions that feed you on a soul level are gonna be in DIRECT conflict with mainstream culture, and thus, in DIRECT opposition to the beliefs and habits of most people in your life. And so it’ll be hard. Tiring. Discouraging. Isolating.

So why do it, this work of becoming conscious? Because if not, you lose yourself. You miss out on your purpose. You have no path of your own. Spiritual teacher, Joseph Campbell, discourages us from waiting til the end of our life to “get to the top of the ladder and realize it’s against the wrong wall.” THAT’s a kind of suffering I have no interest in, for me or for you.

If I want one thing for you in 2018, it’s for you to STOP contorting yourself to fit. Cuz really, at the root of all the junk; the junk food, the junk thoughts, the junk relationships, and the junk job, is just that: a willingness to deny, sacrifice aspects of ourselves for the sake of fitting in.

So again, I wanna be super clear about this: working with me won’t make your life easier. But it WILL help you find the life that is YOURS. Changing your diet, moving your body, and developing a contemplative practice, is just the beginning. Each of these steps towards becoming well will illuminate YOUR path.

If you’re craving this kind of clarity and wanna know more, respond to this email saying, “I wanna know more!” Heads up, I ask my clients to commit to this work for at least 3 months. This work of becoming well, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually takes time and stamina.

Psyched to hear from you if you’re feelin’ like this is your year!