On this Sunday all to myself I felt grateful, sad, nostalgic, nourished, comfortable, inspired, stuck, frustrated, and hopeful. And I tried to let it all be ok, knowing each is an expression of myself, just as important as any other. Lots of the time when we feel what would be considered “negative” emotions we react to them with thoughts like “I’m so ridiculous, why am I feeling this again?” or “I’ll be fine, I just gotta focus on something else” or “Why can’t I be happy like everyone else? Somethings wrong with me.” This added self judgement and criticism is what causes suffering, NOT the emotions themselves.

This week when you feel sadness, fear, jealousy, or anger rising (notice I said WHEN, not IF, cuz these are normal human emotions we all experience all the time!) see what happens if you simple say “Ah, this is here, that’s interesting” or “I feel you anger, I see you sadness” and then find some space to be with the feeling. You’ll be amazed what happens when you welcome them in.