We’re a quarter of the way through 2014. 

And today is the first day of spring. So you know the drill – time to shed the old, give birth to something new, yes?

It might sound repetitive, cliche even, but really, it’s an opportunity. We can take it or leave it. Just keep in mind, if you do things the way you’ve always done, you’ll get the same thing you’ve always got. 

On that note, question for you:

In which part(s) of your life do you hold on too tight to the way things used to be?

For instance, in my life “holding on” looks like…

way too many old voicemails – “congrats” and “happy birthdays”, encouraging words from family, messages of love from old friends and old flings.

 handfuls of ticket stubs in every pocket of every winter jacket (because apparently I think someday I’ll want to remember the night I went to see “Little Fockers”…)

old clothes, extra buttons, thousands of emails.

… then,  of course, there are the old habits (nail biting) the old attitudes (“I need everything planned in advance”)… the old beliefs (relationships don’t last), the old emotions (rejection, sadness, heartache).

Your turn. What do you hold on to so tight?

(could be anything from a friendship to a habit of counting calories)

Got something? Now, know this: no matter what it is, good or bad, you hang on to it for a reason. A very good reason actually. This holding on of x,y, or z comforts you to some level.

But is comfort all we’re going for? 

What about joy? Passion? Fully experiencing our lives? What if we admitted to ourselves that we’re looking for something more?

Well, then we’d have to let go, make space for it. And if not now… when?

Time to take action.

Decide what you’ll let go of (the more challenging/uncomfortable the choice, the more space it’ll open up in your life). Then tell someone. Ideally someone who can support you in following through. A coach. A therapist. A friend who can give you some tough love.

And hey, rather than fear the change, the unknown (i.e. “but if I let go of needing perfection, everything will fall apart…”), what about celebrating the possibility of something new, something greater than you’ve ever experienced before? (i.e. “if I let go of needing perfection, maybe I’ll finally be at peace…”)

What about savoring these moments of anticipation?

Below, let me know: what you plan to let go of, who you’re going to tell, and what new possibility you’re most excited about…

Then go, enjoy this beautiful (kinda rainy) spring day. Who knows what it might bring.