Single life in the city is really hard.

The truth is I don’t wanna carry my bike up a tiny, winding staircase after a long day of work anymore. I want help with things. I want someone to eat breakfast with. And oh yea, I want to be held.

But what’s also true is that these days won’t last forever. This season will change, as they all do. And I will miss it. Tonight in my kitchen (my favorite place to be) I was blasting my favorite tunes and had this thought: someday I’ll look back onmy single days in the city and think, “Damn, remember when I had all that time to myself? How GOOD were those days?” 

I know there’s probably something you want to be different in your life.

Your body. Your job. Your love life (or lack of one). I wonder if just for a sec, instead of thinking about what’s lacking, you might see the opportunity where you’re at. Some days it’s easier for me than others, believe me, but the more I sink into this phase in my life, the more I realize it’s a chance to know myself more deeply and to do some serious healing. As pastor, Todd Crews, reminded me this past weekend, waiting for what it is I’m wanting is an opportunity to position myself spiritually to receive what is on its way. The more I lean into that teaching, the more I realize I’m just where I’m meant to be.

So tonight after hours of dancing with a chocolate covered spoon, I’m wishing you peace, growth (and maybe even some joy) in the waiting.