I’ve been there. Who hasn’t?

This is the scene: You, sitting at a candlelit dinner downtown, surrounded by good friends, good food. You’re enjoying your grilled fish and veggies and feeling proud of your ability to resist the burger (but damn, that’s what you really wanted). Anyway, you’ve made it through the main event. Then the waitress comes over and asks if you’d like a dessert menu. Moment of truth. Even though the voice in your head is screaming, “Yes yes yes… absolutely YES“, you wait patiently to see if anyone else jumps at the idea. You keep your cool and finally respond with a weak sounding, “Well, no… I don’t think so, I mean, I think I’m good…”, all the while hoping at least ONE friend will speak up, override your decision, and order the chocolate mousse. But no one does and there you sit, unsatisfied and kinda pissed.

Then what? Well, the night continues as any other would but you find yourself disconnected, dreaming of the sweet treat you’ll enjoy later in the comfort of your own bedroom, where no one is watching, no one is judging.

Anxiety. Restriction. Shame. Nope, it’s not what we’re meant to feel. Not at lunch, not at dinner, not ever.

“But I can’t really just say yes to every bit of sweetness offered to me, can I?” Well, yes, you can if you follow the formula I’m about to reveal to you, the formula that changed everything for me (seriously, I wouldn’t joke about this).


Join me in less than 2 weeks for a FREE teleseminar event. Monday, Oct. 14th (8 pm EST) you’ll learn not only how to stop feeling BAD about your cravingsstop seeing them as a sign of weakness, but also how to take control in those moments, feel pleasure when you indulge. Oh, and I have a special challenge in store for those who take part in the event.

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Can’t wait to reveal my secrets!