It’s lovely out there, no?

There is sunshine; it finds you just when the cool wind starts to blow. There are boots and jackets but still shorts and sandals (are you one of the brave?) There are cartons of peaches, stacks of potatoes, the last of the cherry tomatoes, and the first signs of squash.

And there are apples. Tons of apples. Apples so crisp – they beg of you to take that first bite.

Please don’t take apples for granted just because they seem in endless supply. Are you hearing me? It takes the energy of FIFTY leaves to produce one apple (not quite sure why, but hey, let’s be grateful?) Also, check this out, a Brazilian study found that eating an apple before meals helped women lose 33 percent more weight than women who didn’t (I don’t like to focus on dropping lbs. but c’mon, pretty cool).  Apples can be breakfast on the go, the most filling afternoon snack, and with a little added sweetness, can be dessert for days.


So, now that we’ve taken our love of apples to the next level – what can we do with them?
Start by filling a bag at the market and following my 3-step recipe for a quick (and I mean quick), raw, Apple Crisp in a Jar.

1. Process 1/2 cup dates (nice soft dates) with 1/2 c almonds. Press this mixture into the bottom of a mason jar. Save one spoonful of the mixture for the topping.

2. Chop an apple or two into small, bite sized pieces. I like skin on but up to you! Fill the rest of the jar with these chopped apples.

3. Add that remaining spoonful of the date/almond mixture and a tsp. of cinnamon to the top. Cover and refrigerate if you don’t plan to eat immediately.

photo (11)

Yes or YES?

Don’t worry, the season has just begun. You’ve got plenty of time to experiment. I like to keep em’ raw, you might like to cook em’ so they melt with the first touch of your tongue.  Whatever you choose, get em’ now, get em’ fresh, and savor each cool, crisp bite!

Ok, tell me, what’s your favorite apple recipe?