I’m sure you’ve set a goal like this before, haven’t you?

“This fall I’m definitely going to the gym 3X/week.”


“I’m cutting out carbs for the month of October.”

It’s nothing new. You, and I, we spend much of our life setting goals around food and exercise. Some goals we reach, others, not so much.

What I’ve found, over the years, is that the setting and striving for these kinds of goals starts to feel a bit stale and uninspired. The implementation starts to feel so routine. And even if we make progress, we still might not feel quite right. Something still feels off.

What’s that all about? If we eat clean and move our bodies shouldn’t that be enough?!

Well, actually, no (contrary to what you might have heard on the news or at your last doctors appointment).

After working with hundreds of people on their journeys toward health, it couldn’t be more clear to me that if we want to reach our full potential (in other words, feel fully alive), we must go beyond our plates, beyond the weights and the ellipticals.

For instance, maybe you will find healing through reviving your creative life or traveling to another country. Maybe you’ll find it in a conversation with your mother or through learning how to dance. The truth is, the answer will likely lie in a combo of different ingredients and won’t always be straightforward… so, you’ll have to be up for a little adventure.

This fall, I’ve started grad school, ready for the next step in my adventure.

My intention over the next three years is to dive deeper into the mind/body connection and the complex multidimensional reality of human experience and the ways we heal.

Moving forward I’ll still be offering you tips on food + lifestyle (including my favorite recipes) but will also be sending out my insights on these “other ingredients” that offer us an even deeper sense of nourishment.

Are you willing to join me and take a closer look at your life this coming year?

If so, respond below – share with me which area of your life you feel needs the most attention NOW.

I sincerely hope you’ll join me for this new season of growth xo