Recently I read something pretty cool.

“When growth and evolution stop, anxiety builds up. Just as physical pain becomes a signal that something needs to be done, so anxiety can serve as motivation to go on with the steps involved in change and development.”

And this brings me to my 7-day raw food challenge I’ll be starting next week.

What does a raw food challenge have to do with anxiety and change?

Well, in case you’re curious: I don’t eat raw food to lose weight. And I don’t really even do it for the health benefits anymore (even though there are a ton!) I do it when I feel like I need something to change, shift, or evolve. Uncomfortable symptoms build up, call them whatever you’d like, stress, anxiety, feeling “moody” or “stuck…” however it manifests for me or you, this feeling “off” becomes our signal that we’re stagnant and need to shake things up.

When I did my first raw food challenge, almost ten years ago, I lost weight, yes. I had more energy, yes. But beyond that, it gave me a fresh outlook. And I felt more engaged with my life. All of it. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that, actually, that first raw food challenge totally changed my life.

And that’s why I go back to it at least once a year. To cut out the crap and reengage with what matters.

If you want in on this, I’m charging next to nothing ($14.99) for a grocery list and tips to get started, 7-days of raw food recipes, daily emails, and a private Facebook group. Purchase here and I’ll see you on the inside!

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