Ya know, over the years, whenever I felt restless or on edge (aka anxiety), I pointed the finger at “too much work,” “too little me time”, “not enough rest,” “not enough sleep,” etc. etc. While all those things could have played a role, I was recently reminded of the bigger picture…

This is what I read: “When growth and evolution stop, anxiety builds up. Just as physical pain becomes a signal that something needs to be done, so anxiety can serve as motivation to go on with the steps involved in change and development.”
(from Yoga and Psychotherapy by Swami Rama)

What do ya think of that? While lots of factors can lead to anxiety, at its root is often stagnation in some area of our lives. It’s our psyche’s way of telling us, “you’ve got more potential here,” “time to make a move in some direction…” Sometimes we don’t know which direction to go or what move to make, right? But that doesn’t matter so much. It’s the movement that matters.

When we sense this signal, it’s time for us to break our everyday rhythm, to seek new perspective. Depending on what’s goin on in my life, “breaking my rhythm” could look like: a social media fast, going out more, staying home more, a meditation retreat, or committing to a new hobby. The key is, its got to feel like a challenge, gotta be something that feels unnatural at the time, and I (we) have to commit 100%.

When we actively try to do our day differently in some way, we change up our pace, our perspective, and all of a sudden a fresh, dynamic energy has space to arise.

This makin any sense? Do you feel like you’re in need of this kinda change?

If so, I have an invitation for you, and it has to do with my favorite (and most simple and fool proof) way to break up my rhythm: cleaning up my diet. Over the years, my relationship to food has provided me a great opportunity to make serious shifts in my life. You’ve heard me say it before, but it’s worth saying again: changing what I eat has changed everything for me.

Coming up a week from today, I wanna invite you to challenge yourself, with me! My 7-day raw food challenge begins next Monday, June 19th, 2017. And if you take this on, I can guarantee that beyond the physical benefits you’ll receive (i.e. dropping weight, more energy, better skin, etc. etc.), you’ll experience an emotional shift that’ll open up brand new possibility for you.

To join, head over to the checkout page. Once you purchase, you’ll immediately receive your grocery list and 7 days of raw recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert). You’ll also be invited to a private Facebook community and a group coaching call with me, two ways to ensure your success in the program.

Personally, I can’t wait to step into some unfamiliar territory this summer. Will you join me?