The nausea didn’t go away til I got out of the relationship that was derailing my life.
The cough (and dry heaving, and crippling anxiety) I had for NINE months didn’t go away until I let myself cry about that trauma at the dinner table (those symptoms literally disappeared the day after).
The chronic yeast infections and debilitating hip pain (both located in the energetic center of our emotions) I had for nearly TEN years didn’t start to shift until I got angry enough to say “no” to ongoing criticism and abuse.

I don’t agree with mask mandates for the same reason I don’t agree with mandated flu shots or COVID vaccines. Not because of politics and not just because it’s a preference. And certainly not out of disrespect for anyone suffering with this illness or peeps working on the front lines (I love and admire many people caring for COVID patients). It’s because my body has given me answers when no one else could. Because without the right to trust my body’s intelligence, I wouldn’t survive. Or at best, would be living a fraction of a life. I don’t automatically do what the CDC or anyone with any number of degrees tells me to because to protect the intimate relationship I’ve built with my body, my body HAS to be my own. Which means making decisions about what I put in it and on it.

In the case of COVID19, my body hasn’t felt afraid. I haven’t gotten the sense that I’m at risk or of any imminent threat to others. I also have a gut feeling of resistance to the overall trajectory of the conventional medical model. This is a deep knowing, coming from a wisdom the scientific community may never be able to explain, and I trust it with my whole being.

This belief system might be one you’ll never quite understand or it might even piss you off. If that’s the case, all I’d ask is that you stay curious and respectful, just as I will. Our beliefs are constructed from our personal stories of pain and healing so are complex and diverse and sacred. And with that, deserve to be honored. Now I’m curious: What does your body know to be true today? What perspectives most resonate with you these days? Much love to you all as we continue to find our way through… ❤️🙏🏼