Consider this – when was the last time you were bold?

I visited New York City this month and women in heels convinced me that being bold is a requirement for living an authentic life. For two days I listened to words of the most intelligent women in my field. These young self-made millionaires spoke of being aligned, ofexpecting miracles, of putting an end to the chronic problem of adopting others versions of success. They spoke of our duty to “get out there” in a big way, to stretch our vision of what is possible, and to be unwavering in our commitment to ourselves and our work. Their messages were hypnotizing, encouraging, hopeful.

I couldn’t get enough or their words…  and I couldn’t take my eyes off their shoes. 

Listen, I’ve never been someone to care much about shoes. Comfort has always been my first priority – and besides, shouldn’t a woman be taken seriously no matter what she’s wearing?

Well, of course. However, as we rush around the city in our LuLu sweats and Tom’s sneaks, these dynamite women are stepping onto stages in 4-inch heels and demanding attention. They’re not denying the power of their beauty, a power that is uniquely feminine, but using it as another tool to spread messages from their hearts. They are not playing small, staying comfortably unnoticed, but taking each step with true intentionof making a difference.

They are being bold.

And so, now is our chance {by the way, happy spring!} Let’s use the change in season to break free of what we “should do”, who we “should be”, and commit to living a bit more boldly. Deal?

Being bold isn’t just about wearing hot shoes {although it’s a big step in the right direction – “bye- bye” Uggs}.

To me, being bold means saying, doing, being what you feel in the moment you feel like saying, doing, being it. Got it?

 In other words, being bold = being authentic.

 Simple, right? Um, no, not at all.

Most of us find ourselves far from our bold, authentic nature and comfortably stuck playing small. Years go by before we realize we’ve spent most of our days pleasing others and paying little attention to what we really want.

Lucky for us though, every day is a new opportunity to tap into our true nature, to live a little bit more out loud.

Give one of these “bold” moves a try:

  • Be Sexy
    – Take a dance class! As my salsa instructor says, “You only live once, you gotta live sexy.”
  • Be Radiant
     – Get rid of your black clothes {or at least hide them temporarily – ideally for a whole season}. Time to brighten up your life.
  • Be Alive
    – Eat fresh foods. As many colors as possible. Mostly fruits and veggies.
  • Be Bad
    – Stay up late. Eat bread. Don’t respond to emails for an entire day.

What will you do today to be more BOLD?