Do you know the definition of celebrity?

Celebrity is “the state of being celebrated.”
A celebrity, therefore, is “a celebrated person.”

Well, it’s time you felt like the celebrity you are.

Like I did, last Friday, photo shoot day for my new and improved coaching site
{coming this fall, woo hoo!}.

I shopped at Haymarket, Boston’s oldest open-air market, while my photographer, Callie {Calin&Bisous}, snapped pictures. My picnic bag was full of veggies and flowers; shades of magenta radiated against the city’s grey tones. My hair was styled, my heels were high, and my dress was silky and electric.

We slowly made our way through my neighborhood streets, embracing the curious glances. I did my best to channel Penelope Cruz {think Vicky Cristina Barcelona, minus the cigarette} and Callie did her best to help me locate the kale stuck between my teeth. After three wardrobe changes we hoped to capture healthy, strong, sexy, and free. Thanks to the light of the late afternoon we may have done it, perfectly.

Now, a question for you… when was the last time you were celebrated? 

On your birthday? Your wedding day? Ok, great, but time to step it up a notch! Hire a photographer. Buy yourself flowers. Get your hair done just cuz’ you feel like it.

Don’t wait for someday or someone to make you feel special.

Ready to feel celebrated every day?

Try one of my favorite exercises.

 1. Answer this: what is your biggest concern?
Is it extra weight? Fatigue? Anxiety? Loneliness? Heartache?

 2. Use your answer to complete this sentence.

 When I am _________ {thinner, pain-free, energized, in love},  I will ___________ {wear tighter clothes, be more confident, spend more time with friends, be more fun}.

List at least 5-10 items that describe what you/your life will look like when this happens for you.

  Let me give you an example: When I’m in love I will…

 * Go out more often
* Be more confident
* Have someone to buy me flowers
* Confide in someone
* Be romantic
* Have more fun

 3. DO at least two of those things THIS WEEK.

 For instance, if you would, “Be romantic,” get started now. Don’t wait until you’ve found “him” or “her”. Light candles. Buy yourself flowers. Write a love poem to yourself or to someone you care about. Go on a date with your best friend.

By taking these actions you’ll begin to embody a person in love.
And you better believe your love will attract more love.

Got it? Ok, good. Don’t waste another precious moment.